Indulge in Deliciously Authentic Dining Experiences on a premium guided tour with Insight Vacations

Insight Vacations would like to welcome you to a world of wonder where you can enjoy all the sights and insights, up close and personal and in comfort and in style. On their premium guided tours, you will experience the world on your plate through signature dining moments. Whether by day or night, culinary adventures await. Discover some included dining experiences below. 

• Hands-on culinary demonstrations, to discover how local delicacies are made. You’ll not only get to sample the cuisine, but also take-home new skills.

• Dine-around evenings offer you the chance to personally select culinary experiences you want to try from a curated list of top local restaurants.

• Dine-at-home experiences give you exclusive access to locals in their homes, where you’ll learn the secrets of regional dishes before sitting down to a meal.

1. Baschi, Italy

A decadent day awaits in the company of Chef Lorenzo at the medieval Casa Segreta. You’ll be welcomed with a tour of the estate’s dreamy olive groves and vineyards, followed by aperitivo while Lorenzo reveals why this region of Italy is applauded for its fragrant truffles. End the experience foraging with a local truffle hunter and his dog, before grazing on focaccia, cheese, salami with sliced truffles, and pasta. Discover this on Insight Vacations’ European Dream premium guided tour. 

2. Casablanca Valley, Chile

Chile enjoys a long history of grape growing, with wines made across the country since the 16th century. Today, Chilean vintages are in high demand across the world. You get to taste them at the source when you visit Kingston Family Vineyards, a boutique estate where you’ll be treated to a flight of varietals ranging from chardonnay to pinot noir and syrah. Cheers to that! Book the Best of Chile from Atacama to Patagonia to experience this.

3. Valencia, Spain

Discover the origins of paella when you join a Spanish chef for a cooking demonstration at a restaurant that fuses typical Valencian food with modern Mediterranean cuisine. The name ‘paella’ comes from the Valencian word for ‘frying pan’, so it comes as no surprise that you’ll indulge in this aromatic favourite straight from the hot pan. The perfect accompaniment to a glass of chilled sangria can be discovered on Insight Vacations’ Highlights of Spain premium guided tour. 

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