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National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures



National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures is a new line of trips for adventure-loving families in search of a meaningful way to discover the world together. These itineraries are specially designed so travellers ages seven and up can explore a destination’s rich and diverse characteristics. Each itinerary features unique, interactive activities inspired by National Geographic's expertise in photography and storytelling, wildlife, culture, history, and geography to encourage kids and adults alike to connect with the world around them. Families will enjoy enlightening experiences, the freedom to explore, quality time together—and they’ll return home with a renewed sense of wonder.




What Makes Family Journeys unique?

  • Thoughtfully crafted itineraries that combine engaging experiences and leisure time designed specifically for families with children ages seven and up
  • Interactive activities inspired by National Geographic's expertise in photography and storytelling, wildlife, culture, history, and geography
  • Pre-departure resources and materials from National Geographic to inform and excite every member of the family about their upcoming adventure
  • Comfortable and convenient accommodations
  • Two dynamic CEOs (Chief Experience Officers) who are specially trained to engage with young travellers
  • Kid-friendly meal options throughout the trip
  • Dedicated customer service consultants, known as Family Trip Specialists, to help families with travel preparation and planning from the moment they book
  • A group of usually 20 or fewer like-minded family travellers



Every trip features interactive activities inspired by National Geographic's unique legacy and expertise in photography and storytelling, wildlife and conservation, history and culture, and exploration. 

Photography and Storytelling
Family Journeys illuminate the art of photography and storytelling in the great tradition of National Geographic. Customized National Geographic resources for kids and adults provide inspiration to see the world with new eyes, make real-world connections, and craft compelling travel tales during the trip. 

Wildlife and Conservation
National Geographic is committed to conservation and strives toward a planet in balance. On many Family Journeys, on-trip wildlife and conservation experiences will provide information and inspiration for travelers to remain engaged in wildlife conservation efforts long after returning home. One example is a thrilling safari ride in Kruger National Park.

History & Culture
National Geographic celebrates the history and diversity of human life on Earth. Family Journeys reveal the richness of local cultures in its many forms, whether through language and music, art and architecture, cuisine, clothing, and more. Young travellers can try their hand at inventing a machine using tips from Leonardo da Vinci, or discover Roman gladiatorial history and authentic artifacts including shields, swords, and armour.



National Geographic has a legendary legacy of exploration. Family Journeys seek to cultivate tomorrow’s explorers—people who are infinitely curious about our planet, committed to understanding it, and passionate about helping make it better. Each Family Journeys itinerary features activities and experiences that inspire hands-on discovery, and a fun and interactive day-long exploration-themed challenge for the whole family!

With exciting destinations such as Peru, Costa Rica, Southern Africa, USA, France, Morocco, Italy, Southeast Asia, and Japan, discover a new way for your family to connect with the world today with National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures.


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