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It’s never the wrong time to take a tour through Europe. But late fall, winter, and early spring are seasons that reveal a special side of Europe. These are ideal times to take a trip to a new place, or revisit an old favorite locale and see it from a different perspective.

Local Living
As the pace slows in winter, everyone has more time to share stories. Sink into the local culture as you are visiting neighbourhood markets or sitting in a cozy cafés. Also experience the holiday festival and markets that are a tradition.

Get Closer
Museum lines shrink. The crowds of photo-takers taper off at the iconic sites. With smaller crowds comes the chance to spend time with the Mona Lisa and marvel at the work of Michelangelo. Take advantage of this sometimes underappreciated off-season perk.



Winter Cuisine
There is something a little more satisfying when there’s a tinge of cold in the air. As snow falls softly on the cobblestone streets, you’ll be able to warm yourself with a bowl of beef bourguignon or some mulled wine.

Mild Temperatures
Many parts of Europe are relatively warm in the winter. From the sun you’ll find in Spain and Portugal to comfortable days in Italy, it’s the best time weather wise to visit.

Affordable Airfare
It’s not just the tours and attractions that see a price dip during this time. Airlines trim their prices as well, adding even more value to your tour. Book your air travel with Collette, and we’ll even pick you up and drop you off at the airport.
These are just some of the reasons more experienced travellers visit Europe during the off-season. 

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